Indian Association Uganda

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Our mission is to help society to support charitable endeavors to work to serve the common good, to demonstrate loyalty to country and nation and to defend the dignity of mankind and to create the good relationship between the Ugandan Indians and Ugandan Africans . Encourage educational, communal, and artistic wellbeing of Indians residing in Uganda . To encourage, systematize, sustain such actions to persuade the expansion and progression of Indian attitude and culture To set up schools for sports, education, and other identical activities in the interest and to support Ugandan and Indian Community Living in Uganda


For More than hundred years Indian Association Uganda leading Uganda’s Indian community and it has enjoyed unrivalled record for peace and its efforts to built cohesive societies

In 1972 the Military Ruler of Uganda H.E. Idi Ameen ordered the expulsion of Indians from Uganda accusing “INDIANS OF MILKING UGANDA’S MONEY”

Since the Indian communities return to the country in the 1980s and 1990s Indian Association Uganda re established and worked hard to build the relationship between Indians and African communities in Uganda through its charitable activities. Indian association Uganda eradicated the Indophobia from the Ugandan African community. Now over 27000 Indians living in Uganda with the peaceful life and both communities are socially and economically helping each other’s and working towards the development of Uganda

And Now Indians have once again become a pillar of the country despite making up less than 1% of the population; The Indians are estimated to contribute up to 65% of Uganda tax revenue