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Since 2012, Indian Association has been providing scholarships covering tuition fees to needy but talented Ugandan students. So far over 150 students have benefited from the program.

Indian Association Uganda currently running   two Primary Schools in Uganda

1)St. Peter High School –Jinja

    Established in the Eastern Town of Jinja in the year 1965 and re named in 1990

   Current population is 725students, jointly managed by Indian Association Jinja Branch.


2) Hoima Public Primary School

 Established in the Town of Hoima , , had student strength of 1,155 consisting of 543 males and 612 females. It is the intention of the Indian Association Uganda to ensure that the school develops into a high grade educational institution which would rank among the best UPE funded primary education schools in the country.

3) Technical Education Scholarship


  Indian Association Uganda also offering 100% Scholarship   for Needy Ugandan students to continue their Technical studies. Through its scholarship program more than 1000 Ugandans are graduated in technical educations and employed in various sectors 

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