Vision, Mission & Objectives


To create a harmonious and empowered environment where Indian and Uganda cultures thrive for social, educational, economic, and cultural progress.


Indian Association Uganda is committed to foster spirit of unity, promoting cultural exchange, and advancing the well-being of both residents of Uganda and the Indian diaspora. Our objectives encompass a wide range of initiatives, including education, healthcare, social welfare, and cultural enrichment. By embracing diversity and cooperation, we strive to be a catalyst for well being of Indian diaspora besides indigenous Uganda society .

Our Core Objectives
  • Community Well-being:
    Enhance the welfare of Ugandan residents through education, social support, and economic initiatives.

  • Cultural Enrichment:
    Promote Indian and Ugandan cultures through various activities.

  • Unity and Advocacy:
    Advocate for diverse communities in Uganda, fostering unity and mutual support.

  • Cross-Cultural Ties:
    Strengthen cultural, economic, and social bonds among Indian diaspora and with indigenous community.

  • Charitable Support:
    Support charitable causes, aid children with chronic illnesses, and rebuild schools after disasters.

  • Networking:
    Establish branches across Uganda for efficient administration.

  • Sensitization:
    Raise awareness about our contributions.

  • Youth Empowerment:
    Engage and empower youth of the country.

  • Coordination:
    Collaborate with other similar organizations in Uganda.

  • Property Stewardship:
    Manage various properties to support our goals.

  • Financial Management:
    Handle finances, including investments and borrowing, as per the executive committee's decisions.

  • Business Hub:
    Establish a business forum for enterprises operating in Uganda.